The WSJ’s Editorial Board Makes Me Chuckle

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board has more or less covered Trump like any other Republican president rather than the malignancy on the republic that he is. Its skepticism of the Mueller investigation culminated in two editorials last week titled “Wrap It Up, Mr. Mueller” (an editorial no doubt forwarded by numerous finance bros to promiscuous colleagues named “Mueller”), and “The Flynn Entrapment.” Funny stuff. The board has even called on Mueller to resign over alleged political bias because he “stonewalled” Trump errand boy and Devin Nunes who has done everything he can to run interference for Trump in Congress. Hilarious! 

The Journal’s inability to understand Trump and the danger he poses to the country leads it to produce such editorials regularly, and not just about Mueller. Its latest such piece pertains to Trump’s new acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney. Its conclusion made me chuckle.

He might even stay if Mr. Trump lets him act like a real chief of staff.”

The Chairman of the Board laughing at the WSJ’s Chairman of the Board

That reminds me, my dog might be even cooler if he learns how to use the toilet.

I mean, what is the Board talking about here? Trump isn’t going to do that at all. You and I know this. A year and a half of John Kelly’s tenure proved that Trump is incapable of letting his chief of staff be a chief of staff. General Kelly, and really, let’s emphasize his General-ness, was completely unable to bring order and discipline to the White House of President Permanent Shitstorm. 

If that guy can’t rein in this sort of awfulness and get Trump to stop being a dirtbag, then Mick Mulvaney can’t either.

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