Yes, Chris Wallace, I’m Rooting For Trump To Have Committed Crimes

Friday on Trump TV, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace admonished those of us who are hoping that Robert Mueller’s investigation reveals that Donald Trump committed crimes, either on the campaign trail or as president, or both.

“The idea that anybody would like it if it showed that the president had committed a crime, you know, nobody should be rooting for that outcome. It would obviously be terrible news for the country, if – and I repeat if – it were to show that.”

Correction: revelations of criminality would be terrible news for Trump, not the country. Yes, the idea of a sitting president being shown to have committed crimes – whether it’s perjury, obstruction, conspiracy, money laundering, etc. – is a tough look for the United States. But considering that the sitting president is a malignant, unhinged, narcissistic man-baby who embarrasses this country on a daily basis with his bombast and stupidity, revelations of criminal wrongdoing at the highest level is a small price to pay for getting this guy out of the White House.

And I know a Mike Pence presidency would also be terrible, but at least it would be terrible in the most boring and milquetoast way possible. Given this, it’s hard to imagine Pence rallying the Republican base in 2020 like Trump has. The guy has the personality of a gluten-free cracker.

So yes, I’m rooting for Trump to have committed crimes and for Mueller to find them.

Trump for Prison in 2020.

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