Stop Saying I Should Be Glad Trump Didn’t Collude With Russia

Robert Mueller has submitted his report and its conclusions are as climactic as a beer fart. No, Trump did not collude with Russia. Maybe he obstructed justice. No more indictments are forthcoming.

For those of us who loathe Donald Trump, the Mueller investigation turned out to be a 22-month-long handjob that ended without release. There is no more epic case of blue balls than this. Of course, we have yet to see the actual report. No doubt there will be some unseemly details that don’t paint Trump and his cohorts in the best light, but as it pertains to Russia there is nothing criminal here.

This does not mean Mueller, whose scope was limited to Russian interference in the 2016 election, did not uncover potential criminal wrongdoing in unrelated matters. Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort know this all too well, and it’s entirely possible that Mueller’s team found some other nasty and maybe even illegal stuff to pass on to certain U.S. Attorney offices like the Southern District of New York. Let’s not forget that Cohen is headed to jail in part because he violated campaign finance law by paying off Trump’s mistresses during the campaign at Trump’s direction. So there’s that.

But I’d like to focus on a reaction that I’ve been hearing from people across the political spectrum, such as Matt Taibbi, Bret Baier, and David Gergen, which is basically: We should be glad that Mueller didn’t find that the president of the United States committed a crime because it would be bad for the country.

What. Are. You. Talking about?

Normally, when dealing with a normal president, I would share this sentiment. But this does not apply here. Nothing is normal about this president, and I mean that in the worst possible way. Regardless of what the Mueller report says and doesn’t say, Trump has shown himself to be an impulsive, narcissistic man-baby who is unfit to run a hot dog stand, let alone the United States government. If having a president get busted for coordinating with Russia to win an election was the price of getting Trump out of office, so be it. It would’ve been a small price to pay to rid ourselves of this orange boil on the skin of the republic.

I mean, is it really necessary to review all of the horrid things Trump has said and done as president and before to prove that he is grossly unqualified – morally, intellectually, emotionally, and mentally – for his current office? 

Five weeks ago, Trump declared a national emergency. He was right to do that, but he got the location wrong. The real crisis isn’t at the southern border. It’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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