A Short Rant On Trump’s Many Lies

Did you see what Trump tweeted this morning? Did you hear what he said at today’s press gaggle? Did you catch his interview with Hannity tonight?

Questions of this nature used to be ones I’d want to know the answers to, though chances were I already knew. In addition to receiving alerts whenever Trump tweeted, I’d be sure to tune in to scheduled press conferences, interviews, and speeches to hear our Deranged Leader serve the viewing public yet another mendacity medley.

But then I found that I could only hear so many falsehoods without losing my goddamn mind.

Nowadays, I try to avoid Trump’s worthless words like he avoids exercise. Short of announcing airstrikes on Iran, his resignation, or some other Earth-rocking development, I am not interested in the day-to-day ramblings of a man who talks like an ether-soaked hobo.  

I can only imagine what fresh mental hell people in fledgling authoritarian states have gone through as they watch their new masters openly treat reality as the enemy. Stalin, Hitler, and Mao all practiced gaslighting to varying degrees. Of course, Trump is no Stalin, Hitler or Mao. For he is thankfully far lazier and less capable of achieving his aims than those monsters. But Trump’s lying is just as prolific. 

He lies about the border wall. He lies about doctors killing newborns. He lies about undocumented immigrants voting in the election. He lies about NBC manipulating one of his interviews. He lies about hush money payments to mistresses he personally authorized. He lies about nonexistent middle class tax cut legislation right before the midterm elections. He lies about his own father being born in Germany for some reason. And on and on and on, seemingly ad infinitum.  

In April the Washington Post noted that Trump had made his 10,000th false or misleading statement as president.

Trump is a man who called various newspapers pretending to be one of his own flacks to tell them about all the famous women who allegedly wanted to sleep with him.

In other words, we are dealing with a pathological liar and an unhinged narcissist. Trump is an unreliable narrator, as they say in the literary world. We have long passed the point where, when Trump asserts something, it is not unreasonable to assume that the opposite is true.

It doesn’t take long for any rational person to realize that Trump is full of shit, and to keep listening to him is to invite yourself to be gaslit into the nuthouse. Like I said, I’m trying to avoid what he says.

It just doesn’t always work.

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